GTCC Culinary Arts Dining Reservations

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What's new at GTCC Culinary Dining

    Although we have changed our address the location Koury Hospitality Building on the Jamestown Campus has not moved.

    The new address is: 601 E. Main Street, PO Box 309, Jamestown NC 27282

    We ask that you remember that this is a class room and we will do our best to serve your meal in one hour so that we can conclude our class on the scheduled time. We are working on opening the door a few minutes early so that we can service you better.

  •  What is dining at GTCC all about?

    Our dining room is collaborative event between two classes in the Hotel-Restaurant Management and Culinary Technology curriculums whereby food is produced and served for sale to the public during the class meeting times.

    Students who are cooking and serving are doing so as lab hours in two required courses. Some students are very new to the tasks they are learning to perform and others have more proficiency.

    As they learn through their successes as well as mistakes we work towards every guest having a wonderful dining experience. The cost of the meal only covers the supplies used to create it. Students in each class rotate through various positions including; server, student dining room manager, cashier, bus person, back waiter, chef of the day, grill, sauté, dessert, soup, salad and dish room.

  •  How do I make a reservation?

    Please use our new online system accessible on the Reservations page of this website. This is a teaching tool for our students and timesaver for college employees. Diners must have a reservation in order to be seated.

  •  When are reservations available?

    We serve lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00 and dinner on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm. Each semester we offer different types of Cuisine based upon the class requirements. They include American/Continental Cuisine, Global Cuisine and Classical French Cuisine. When making your reservation on line, you will be able to see the menu for that meal for your selected service date and the location of the dining room of where you will be served. We are open 10 weeks each semester as indicated by our online reservation link.

  •  How much does it cost and what forms of payment are accepted?

    Lunch and dinner are $10.00 per person. Tax is included in the cost of your meal. We take cash or check made out to Guilford Technical Community College. Payment is accepted at the cash register by our student cashier. We now accept credit cards for payment of the meals only, all tips must continue be in cash. Any reservation made for 8 or more guest requires prepayment 10 business days after booking. Thank your for your cooperation in advance.

  •  Who do I make the check payable to?

    Please make all checks to GTCC Culinary Dining - Also, if you can please put "GTCC Culinary Dining" on the mailing envelope, this will help get your check to the correct department

  •  What if I need to cancel or make a change to my reservation?

    If you must cancel or make a change, please do so as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to or call 336-334-4822 extension 50452 (at least 48 hours in advance) so that we may be able to fill any available seats. Often, there are others who would like to dine with us.

  •  Can I make standing reservations?

    No. Please do not make reservations each week for the same group as there are many people and families of our students who would like to dine with us. Therefore, we cannot accommodate standing reservations at this time.

  •  Can I come without a reservation?

    No. Dining is by reservation only.

  •  May we tip our student server?

    Students are not allowed to accept individual gratuities. They are after all, earning college credit for their Dining Room Service course, however donations to our student club, are gratefully accepted at the cash register. The club raises money for student scholarships and educational field trips and performs community services. Diners who find themselves particularly interested in helping a student further their education may contact the GTCC Foundation.

  •  May I reserve the entire room for my group?

    For groups of 8 or more, please e-mail or contact us by phone at 336-334-4822 extension 50452. Due to table size limitations, parties larger than 8 people will not be seated at the same table.

  •  I have food allergies and/or special food requests. Can those be accommodated?

    As we are not a "real" restaurant, but a classroom, the menu is dictated by student learning objectives. If it possible to omit an ingredient, we will be happy to, but if the ingredient has already been cooked into an item, or a cooking technique is specified by the day's lesson, then we must adhere to our lesson for the day.

  •  Where are your dining rooms located?

    We are in the Koury Hospitality Careers Center building off of High Point Road. The Main Dining room is located on the first floor in room 135, while our 2nd floor Dining room is located upstairs in room 264.

  •  Where do I park?

    Diners may use any parking space that is not marked for staff/faculty. We are a busy school and during the lunch time parking is not always close. Please feel free to drop off any guest at the door in the circle and proceed to a parking place.

  •  Is alcohol served and, if not, can I bring my own?

    We do not have a license to sell alcohol or allow brown bagging.

  •  Why is it so hard to get a table?

    Our dining room operates as a learning laboratory for students in our Dining Room Service and Culinary production classes; Classical or International and American Regional Cuisine. Due to our curriculum requirements, enrollment in other required courses and our desire not to operate in competition with local restaurants employing our students, we are only "open" to invite the public to "come to class"; one meal per week; fall semester we offer Classical Cuisine and in the spring semester we offer American Regional and International Cuisine for both lunch and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday only. Our students pay for the class and are entitled to leave when class is over. Each table is "sat" only once in order to finish on time. Some students have a class following this one or are scheduled for work at paying jobs. We are grateful for your interest and enthusiasm about our students and in our programs.